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Beloved Festival

Now more than ever, we long to belong. we gather with a vision for a new world in which everyone belongs. Holding this image creates more capacity for each of us to support the creation of this new world.

“In order to build the movements capable of transforming our world, we have to do our best to live with one foot in the world we have not yet created.” –Aurora Levins Morales

Beloved is a spontaneous village, and as such it asks that we be village-minded. Toward that end, we are creating community agreements that make our spaces not just safer but braver.

The distinction is in how we promise to show up both in love and in conflict: with the vow to keep an open heart, an elastic mind, and a commitment to learning.

Brave spaces also ask that we tend properly to our nervous systems so we may become the containers that can hold the depth, complexity, shame, and grief of the times in which we find ourselves.

It is never a question of, “if there is harm.” It is always a question of, “when harm happens, how will we face it together?”

We acknowledge that dominant culture in North America is ill-equipped to reckon with the widespread nature of centuries of diverse traumas unfurling everywhere, from social media to our own communities. In this way, perhaps our reach exceeds our grasp. We do believe, however, that transformation is possible and that we all must proceed as if each and every one of us is needed. The word “vow” comes from an ancient word that meant “I pray.”

May these vows be a prayer for how it might look to live as if this were true.

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