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Why the BIPOC Ticket?


We are moved by the quote from Dr. Crystal Jones:

There is a significant difference between ‘All are welcome here’ and ‘This was created with you in mind’.

After listening to feedback about where we have fallen short, we created the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and/or People of Color) ticket this year as a welcoming gesture to those whose marginalization has, in whole or in part, precluded belonging and participation at Beloved. We see this as an initial overture to signify goodwill and as an acknowledgement there is repair to be done.

We are operating under a learning model, not an achievement model. This means we still have far to go, but nonetheless must take doable steps today towards walking our talk about vulnerability, belonging, and liberation.

We realize even with the highest intentions, impacts matter more and this kind of initiative is loaded and challenging. 

We also recognize such efforts land in an existing landscape of an extremely polarized and charged populace struggling to come to grips with the role white supremacy plays in our culture.

We ask that all who read this attend to their nervous systems and take good care of yourselves. 

We were notified July 16th 2019 at 10:44am via email that Eventbrite hid the BIPOC ticket type (an approximately ⅓ discount to the full price ticket) for “discriminatory pricing.” We are aware that a similar situation occurred with AfroFuture Fest and we stand in solidarity with their efforts to create micro-reparations that address structural racism and other barriers to access. This type is hidden but still available. Please email bipoc@belovedfestival.com to access this ticket type.

The original post about our BIPOC ticket is below this text.

Further, with outside guidance and support from consulting groups, Beloved has created a set of community agreements called Brave Space Vows which outlines our positions on issues around equity, consent, trauma, and harm. Please read them here:


We understand there are limitations and complexity in this approach but we are willing to stumble and change course as we continue to get feedback, listen, and learn to do better as we know better.

We will offer programming and spaces at the festival to hold space for authentic conversations around these issues. We value them deeply and look forward to ongoing learning while we continue to expand our capacity for creating more inclusive spaces at Beloved.

Why the BIPOC Ticket Type Exists

“Oregon has a long, well-documented history of racism that is reflected in public policy. These policies and over 150 years of practices are a root cause of the persistent economic, political, social and health disparities facing Oregon’s communities of color.” –Facing Race Report, 2015

We introduced the BIPOC ticket type to center these historically marginalized communities (Black, Indigenous and/or People Of Color). The ticket type stands as one of many steps in our commitment to dismantle structural racism in the name of love, liberation, and our experience that we are not separate from each other. We offer these tickets to honor our commitment to truly whole, relational models of care and culture for all.

photo by Jake Glasser

Twelve years ago, Beloved Festival began on the Oregon Coast as an event dedicated to imagining new models for healthy culture through sacred music and healing movement. Here’s our truth: in the past, we, as an organization, avoided, delayed, and postponed doing anti-racism work. We acknowledge our complicity in this harm, and we will do better. As the organizers of this sacred festival, we recognize that the individual and collective healing that we aim to facilitate will not be possible without confronting harm; one of the greatest harms that exists in our world today is the systemic erasure and marginalization of communities of color.

We understand no one is born with an in-depth understanding of oppression and yet as we know better, we commit to doing better. We have much to learn, and we dedicate ourselves to being as harm-reductive as possible – acknowledging our mistakes in a spirit of care, accountability, and justice.

This is just the beginning and one of many steps we are taking to create braver spaces where everyone knows that they belong. When we hold a container that truly resists oppression, we will all feel the touch of spirit and connect to the soul of community.

We welcome your feedback. If you need access to this ticket type, please email bipoc@belovedfestival.com.

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