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Beloved Festival

Renaming The Near + Far Mosques

The place that Solomon made to worship in,
called the Far Mosque, is not built of earth
and water and stone, but of intention and wisdom
and mystical conversation and compassionate action.

Every part of it is intelligent and responsive
to every other. The carpet bows to the broom.
The door knocker and the door swing together
like musicians. This heart sanctuary
does exist, though it cannot be described.

Solomon goes there every morning
and gives guidance with words,
with musical harmonies, and in actions,
which are the deepest teaching.


Once upon a time…

We believed that naming parts of our event site after an Islamic place of worship (The Near and Far Mosques) would honor the mystical traditions of Islam. Now, as part of our ongoing learning, we are slowly unravelling our collusion with oppressive dynamics. We aim to end the practice of reducing complex belief systems to tokenized versions that serve mostly to benefit our brand rather than the communities from which these names were taken.

mandala ceiling of the Tokyo Mosque

Tokyo Mosque

Beloved Festival rejects all forms of oppression, including Islamophobia and tokenization; so we are asking for your help in RENAMING THESE AREAS! YES!!!

Check out what our community came up with over on Facebook and on Instagram!

As we know better, we do better. Thank you for your ongoing love and support, Beloved family!

We will update this page with the new names as soon as they are chosen.

UPDATE::: With community input, we have renamed these areas!


The Far Mosque = TRUE NORTH


Updated map:


Previous map:

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