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Beloved Festival

Post-Fest Integration: Part One

woman meditating in a land art nest

Melissa Robin Photography

It’s tempting to rush towards the learning.

“The body experiences first, then ‘the mind’ interprets. When we pause and attend to our sensations, being deeply rooted and centered in our lower bodies, connected with The Earth, we grow our capacity to respond before our reactions hijack our behaviors. This rebuilds trust between our bodies and all of our self.” ~ Dare Sohei, Beloved Presenter

As we heard at the festival, the body is where the learning always begins.

Village-making takes all of one’s energy; it demands your undivided attention.

Even awesome experiences can be exhausting, right?

We asked you on Instagram what your best post-fest practices were, so here they are:

10 Ways to Rest and Reset After a Festival

(besides extra sleep!!)

1. Solitude

man in seated meditation in the woods

Melissa Robin Photography

2. Time away

two people lounge inside a nature art sculpture

Melissa Robin Photography

3. Stillness to decompress

woman reclining on a purple lounger

Matte Hanna Photography

4. Permission to not be helpful

people lying in the sun at the Grove of Sacred Harmonies

5. Connection to art and nature

Foster Snell Photography

6. Co-regulate with a tree

people seated in the forest

Melissa Robin Photography

7. Gather in safer spaces

inside the Red Tent Sanctuary

Melisssa Robin Photography

8. Soak, steam, water ritual

woman fills water bottle at Beloved near main stage

Melissa Robin Photography

9. Simple note-taking / sketching in journal

woman journals in the woods

Carlton Ward Photography

10. Something totally “unproductive”

Check out The Nap Ministry and Beloved performer Lizzy Jeff’s S.L.A.P.S. (Spiritual Lyrical Affirmations for Prosperity & Success) for more self-care inspo!

Lizzy Jeff on the Tree Stage at Beloved 2019

Melissa Robin Photography

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