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Beloved Festival

New Sanctuary Spaces

Beloved’s new affinity spaces offer refuge and support to folks whose marginalization has impacted their safety and belonging.

Centuries of violent erasure asks of us a commensurate amount of centering, focus, and resources.

As a spontaneous village with one foot in the world we are trying to create, we hold these spaces are a kind of visionary art for speculative futures.

Our prayer is that they serve to advance afro-futurist, indigenous-futurist, and queer eco-futurist worldviews and lifeways while offering overdue refuge.

 In addition to bringing back our Red Tent and CARE Circle Sanctuary, we have two new spaces for 2019.


BIPOC SANCTUARY white lettering on copper background

Here at the BIPOC Sanctuary, our intention is to center Black and Indigenous people of color. In this space we respect and honor the sacrifices and unspeakable tragedies Indigenous folks have endured on their own land and the travesties the Black diaspora endured to survive here.

We acknowledge and respect the loss of the lands many of us were forced from and the ancestral wisdom we bring with us, and honor the lands of the First Nations people we now call home.

It is a part of our mission to cultivate an environment that is safe(er) for marginalized communities of color regardless of immigration status, gender identity, ability, class and so forth.

In this space we love deeply and laugh often, and revel in the beauty that is our own resilience. We are actively working to decolonize, seek liberation, resist and simultaneously grieve and celebrate our ancestors whose dreams we embody.

We unapologetically accept and celebrate all parts of ourselves as we work together to empower, reclaim, and rise above all limitations that society has placed upon us as QTBIPOC  [Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous, People of Color].

Check out the BIPOC Sanctuary GoFundMe for their first ever event at Beloved!

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text that reads Queer Magic Sanctuary

The Queer Magic Sanctuary is safer-space for learning and connection for those of us who do not conform to a cis/heteronormative understanding of sexuality and gender, self-identity and interpersonal relationships.

This space

  • acknowledges the power of diversity within intersectional identities
  • acknowledges the fluid and expansive universe of gender and sexuality
  • highlights prominent figures in history who helped pave the way for Queer Liberation
  • and offers resources on queer reproductive/sexual health

Acknowledging that this space is on the ancestral and unceded territory of the Confederated Tribes of the Siletz, we honor indigenous cultures and promote non-appropriative, respectful learning about two-spirit histories, in addition to examining the current struggles within the LGBTQAI+ community. We honor that queer BIPOC are impacted by violence and oppression disproportionately, and we center these voices at our core.

In response to our gender and sexually-diverse kin feeling a sense of oppression and division in such a heteronormative society, there is a necessity to create sanctuary spaces where queer-folk are invited to just  “be,” to unabashedly express ourselves, and begin to collectively break through divisions. We welcome in the full range of our experiences and invite collaboration in creating community rites of passage that acknowledge our celebrations, our grief, our resilience and collective trauma and changes through the seasons of our lifecycle.

This space is intended to build coalition across difference, to bridge divisions, calling in ancient wisdom to support a flourishing Queer Ecological Future where all may feel safe to exist in their Truest form.

The Queer Magic Sanctuary is a key part of Beloved’s ever-evolving understanding of how to create a more inclusive container, working toward the vision of creating a sense of belonging for everyone.

Come by to explore what queer means to you!

Donate to the Queer Magic Sanctuary Fundraiser!

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Beloved Red Tent Sanctuary

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