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Beloved Festival

Land Acknowledgement

We acknowledge that the land on which we stand is the ancestral and unceded territory of Native American peoples. The Alseans, Siuslawans, and a small band of Lower Umpquas lived on the western coast of Oregon around what is now Alsea Bay at the mouth of the Alsea River. In 1861, they were violently removed from their lands and forced onto the same reservation.

Native American peoples have always resided in Oregon and white settlers destroyed their communities; forcing Native American parents and elders to submit their children to settler schools which were meant to assimilate the children to white settler culture.

photo of a painted sign on a tree in the woods that says HONOR NATIVE LAND

photo by Jake Glasser

We gather here knowing that our presence is part of an ongoing invasion and that these lands were and continue to be forcibly and unlawfully taken from their original indigenous inhabitants.

Our recognition of the indigenous Native American inhabitants of this land is just one, small step in recognizing our responsibility for restoration and repair. Now is the time to step forward and donate to programs that help to hold Native families together, amplify awareness of the thousands of missing and murdered Native women across the U.S. and Canada, and seek to pay reparations to indigenous families and communities by donating to organizations like the Native American Youth & Family Center which serves a large base of Native peoples here in Portland, Oregon (lands of the Chinook).



a close up of Tidewater map with native land names

Native land at Tidewater, Oregon, site of Beloved Festival



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