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Beloved Festival

For First Timers!

Make your first Beloved the best it can be… Here is a list of community-sourced tips!

Before you arrive…

Get acquainted with the Beloved Brave Space Vows, a set of community agreements we ask all of our Beloveds to adopt when at the festival.

 Here’s our What To Bring page and our What To Expect page!

Be sure to check our Rideshare Program, the event page on Facebook, the (un)Offical Beloved Facebook Group, our main Facebook page and our Instagram for updates, to coordinate rides, and connect with others.

Check out the hashtags #BelovedFestival #Beloved2019 and #BelovedFestival2019 too.

Unplug. There is no wifi at the festival site!

photo by Oregon Gifts

Use a real map to get there, sometimes cell service can be spotty. Use our Rideshare service or take the shuttle!

Camping with friends is great, but coming alone is totally doable. You will make many friends, probably some family.

photo by Amandala Photography

photo by Amandala Photography

Pack for chilly and rainy as well as hot and sunny! Bring rain gear and sunscreen.

A cart or wagon is super helpful.

photo by Stefan Poulos

Camping closer to the stage will be louder. Bring ear plugs, or over ear headphones for kids.

Try to coordinate your camp so that you share space and get to know your neighbors! Shared kitchens, chill zones, etc. create a pop-up village. This is also helpful for people with kids!

Speaking of kids, we all look out for one another at Beloved. Keep an eye on the littles and ask ask caregivers if they could use any help!

photo by Stefan Poulos

Once everyone arrives on site, the network is spotty so don’t rely on your phone!

However, there is a solar charging station!

photo by Stefan Poulos

Coming alone? We’ve got you! Find a Buddy Bench and wait for a new friend to join you!

And if you see someone alone on a Buddy Bench, please go say hello!

The terrain is hilly, it does require some rigor to access some of the areas like the Embodied Village (formerly the Yoga Pavilion) which is up a long hill.

photo by Stefan Poulos

Pack in and pack out! NO SINGLE USE PLASTIC! Please bring reusable kitchen items. Use Beloved’s Blissware dish exchange program.

photo by @willowgraceart

photo by Carlton Ward

Silliness and eye contact are welcomed.

Ask for what you need.

Access our Sanctuary Spaces (BIPOC Sanctuary, Queer Magic Sanctuary, Red Tent Sanctuary, + CARE Circle Sanctuary) as needed!

POPULAR TO BRING in addition to your standard camping gear…

  • YOUR KIDS!! Seriously we love them.

photo by Stefan Poulos

  • Wipes: baby wipes and cleansing wipes
  • Beautiful outfits and costumes (being mindful about cultural appropriation, thank you)
  • Flow toys / hula hoops / etc.

photo by Stefan Poulos

photo by Amandala Photography

photo by Stefan Poulos

photo by Andrew Paul Photography

  • Natural objects to create small altars: rocks, feathers, crystals
  • Solar lights, fairy lights

photo by Jess Stewart Maize

  • Art supplies
  • Temporary tattoos, face paint

photo by Stefan Poulos

photo by Stefan Poulos

  • Music instruments

photo by Stefan Poulos

  • Rosewater or other flower waters
  • Scarves/masks for dust
  • Herb bundles for sacred smoke (please avoid using white sage, palo santo, and other endangered plants)

photo by Stefan Poulos

  • Indoor/outdoor rugs + plastic mats
  • A mat, rug or blanket to put down when you arrive with a view of the stage

photo by Stefan Poulos

  • Short chairs or backjacks are great, but don’t obstruct the view
  • Hammock
  • No shoes on the dance floor, so bring ones that are easy to slip on and off

photo by Amandala Photography

  • Towels and toiletries for the AMAZING OASIS OUTDOOR SHOWERS
  • Many vendors accept cards, but cash is always helpful to have.

photo by Amandala Photography

Direct quotes from our online communities:

Lean into joy.

Pack for any type of weather.

Good walking shoes, extra layers for cold nights, let love in.

Pack like it’s Play Day in Paradise <3

Practical advice: it has rained in the past, be prepared for all weather. Pack light as it’s cozy and not a lot of room to spread out. Yoga mat is not required, but you’ll use it a lot. Utilize the bath house for a mid-weekend HOT shower. The food carts have AMAZING food, so I’ve tried to pack lighter and lighter every year and just eat my main meals there. Use your pamphlet guide to plan a few workshops you’d like to check out and bring a NON-PHONE watch if you want to keep any kind of schedule. Although I always plan…then get swept away in the fun by day 2 and forget all schedule. You can walk in and out of most workshops. Everyone stays up late and welcomes the sunrise Saturday night/Sunday morning, so plan accordingly. Try and be at the main stage for opening and closing ceremony, it’s amazing to see and feel everyone together. Lastly, Bollywood dancing Sunday afternoon. Do. It.

Let yourself give the hugs, get the hugs, make eye contact, bathe in the emotions, experience all of the things, but don’t have expectations. Beloved literally changed my life in 2014, and I am forever grateful…

photo by Amandala Photography

Prepare to have a deeply emotional and transformational experience <3

Expect to plant your bare feet on that earth and never want to wear shoes again.

photo by Stefan Poulos

Trust in the experience and have no expectations on who to meet, and what to do. Flow freely.

photo by Stefan Poulos

Befriend grief, let the tears fall!

photo by Amandala Photography

Find some time to sit on the hill and witness the vast beauty swirling all around you. Allow the whispers of the great pines so seep into your ears as the silence and depth of the forest remains ever-present in the essence of these souls. Annnd definitely have a spa day at least once. <3

Be alone. Love alone. Find the sacredness in being with yourself FIRST!

Be willing to hold sacred space and be ready for any moment to become a ritual or a ceremony.

photo by Amandala Photography

photo by Stefan Poulos

Say yes – to everything.

Love…let it out and soak it in.

Feel free to feel here.

photo by Stefan Poulos

Be prepared to be emotional when you leave. And have days of melancholy after you get home. Also be prepared to have new soul connections that will remain with you for years to come. It’s a place I think about often and hold very close to my heart. It’s a place that breathes life into you like nothing else.

No expectations and LEAN INTO EVERYTHING!

photo by Amandala Photography

photo by Stefan Poulos

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