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Beloved Festival

Beloved Red Tent Sanctuary

The Red Tent Bleeding Space

The Red Tent is an ancient tradition found cross-culturally in which menstruating people are given a safe space to rest, connect with each other and the Earth, and hold ceremony. In this space, we reclaim the sacredness of our monthly shed and the power that is found when we return our sacred moon blood back to the Earth. The Beloved Red Tent is an interactive temple that honors the sacredness of menstruation and offers a beautiful, safe, hygienic, and practical bleeding space. Here you are welcome to bleed onto the Earth, change your menstrual products with dignity in a beautiful setting, and offer your blood back to the Earth.

As the Earth feeds us, so we feed the Earth.

Priestesses from the Goddess Temple of Ashland attend the Red Tent, and are available throughout the weekend to offer guidance around menstrual technologies, blood offerings, PMS remedies, and herbal womb allies. The Temple Priestesses can also offer support and witnessing for issues surrounding sexuality, consent, abuse, hormonal & menstrual disturbances, pregnancy release, womb trauma, self-esteem, and more. The Red Tent is attended 24 hours throughout the event offering tea, cacao, premenstrual & menstrual remedies & therapies, Yoni steams, & menstrual care products. The Red Tent also has a full schedule of workshops, ceremonies, & meditations.


This space is absolutely open to all beings who are interested in learning about or celebrating the sanctity of menstruation.


Bleeding & pre-menstrual people are especially welcomed into this space to be nurtured, celebrated, and adored.


There is a private space only for people who are bleeding.


Beloved affirms the gender of those who self-identify.


Women, Wombs, & Water Fundraiser


Women, Wombs, & Water is a fundraiser dedicated to bridging clean drinking water & sustainable, hygienic menstrual care to families in rural Guatemala. In many rural parts of Guatemala, menstruation is shamed or highly taboo. Women can struggle to find access to menstrual care products. Menstrual care products that are available are often expensive, detrimental to health overtime, and terrible for the environment.

During our recent travels in Guatemala, our team had the opportunity to witness first-hand the major lack of menstrual hygiene management. This means that many girls & women in rural parts of the country do not have access to: menstrual education, proper menstrual care products, disposal mechanisms, or clean water & sanitation facilities.

In late 2018 our team launched a campaign to bring menstrual cups to girls & women in rural parts of the country. We partnered with @mahinacup, a US based menstrual cup distributor, and traveled to Guatemala with 180 menstrual cups and a 1 page educational material written in Spanish. The initial launch of our project was an amazing success. We witnessed first-hand the very real and positive implications of introducing this menstrual technology into rural Guatemalan communities. During our time in Guatemala, we also witnessed the major clean water crisis. The unavailability of clean drinking water in this region is intrinsically connected to proper menstrual hygiene management. To help bring resolution to this issue, we partnered with @water4lifeglobal, a Global Nonprofit Organization that brings water filters to families in rural Guatemala.

Our fundraiser has re-launched & we are now sourcing abundance to bring more menstrual cups & water filters to women, girls, & families in rural Guatemala! Thank you for supporting the dignity of Women, Wombs, & Water globally! Learn more and donate here: gofundme.com/womenwombswater


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