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Beloved Festival

Beloved takes place in a magical forest. It’s hilly, wild, and uneven. The terrain offers exciting and unique camping options; at the same time, getting situated in your camp may take more work than if we were in a giant field. You might choose to walk yourself and your gear a short way into the forest to your campsite. We also offer camping next to, near, or in your vehicle.

Please study the Camping/Parking Map below to better acquaint yourself with the areas of Tidewater Falls. To understand the map, follow the Legend and color coding of parking lots to camping areas. If you have any questions, please contact camping@belovedfestival.com.

Due to the limited size of our site, all campsites are expected to be modestly sized. We encourage the creation of group camps where one living/kitchen area is shared among several participants, get to know each other, and create community!

Camp Host Stations will be located throughout the site. Our Camp Hosts will be available to assist your parking and arrival as well as maintain enough camping space for all. Camp Host Stations will be where handcart check-out is located and will be your source for festival information. Handcarts are available to assist with gear transportation, but you are responsible for loading, transporting, and unloading your own belongings.

PLEASE NOTE: Vehicles over 20’ are considered oversized. This includes vehicles towing trailers where the total length of vehicle plus trailer is over 20′. Vehicles over 32’ will not be permitted onto the festival grounds under any circumstances. Oversized vehicles MUST purchase a True North (formerly The Far Mosque) Oversized Vehicle pass.

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Share your excitement and join our official Beloved Ambassador Program! Offer your community special discounts AND gain access to free tickets plus incredible ambassador-only experiences.

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If you are looking to join us in a bigger way and participate in the festival this year, please click on the appropriate application below and submit to be considered. Application deadlines vary and are listed on individual applications.

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